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General Information

General School Information

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Car Drop Off Procedure:

The hours of operation are 7AM to 4PM.  Students are not allowed to enter the school before 7:20 AM.  

Car Rider Drop Off:  Parents may drop off students in the morning starting at 7:20 AM. Drivers will form two lines after entering the main parking lot off Galaxie Rd.  PreK parents move to the right lane and work their way around to the blacktop area at the rear of the building.  After dropping off students, PK parents exit through Impala Rd.  K-5 parents stay in the left entry lane and drop students off at door #1. There are signs and arrows directing parents to the drop off areas.  K-5 parents are to pull up along the curb by the sidewalk as far as possible to allow traffic to flow smoothly.  Parents are to remain in cars and signage reminds drivers not to pass other vehicles to ensure the safety of our students who are exiting cars.

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The bell rings at 7:40. If arriving after the bell, parents need to park and sign their students in at the front office. 

Bus Drop Off: Buses will access the bus loop from Impala Road. 

Daycare: Any daycare vans dropping off in the morning will go through the car rider line and students will enter through door #1.

Walkers: Walkers will enter through door #1 in the morning.  

Car Rider Pick Up:  Parents may pick up their child starting at 2:10.  Parents are to line up in the car line, displaying their car rider pass with a student number.  Parents are to remain in their cars and students will only be allowed to enter cars from the sidewalk.  

Daycare pick up: Daycares will pick up in the parking lot off of Galaxie Road in front of the original building – door #4.

Walkers: Walkers will be dismissed from door #3 in the original building.


Breakfast and Lunch Menus can be found at: HCPS Nutrition Services Nutrislice


Schools are always mentioning SOLs, but do you really know what they are?  Click here to go to the SOL page of the Virginia Department of Education’s website. 

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