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Volunteer Application

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Volunteer Guidelines

A school volunteer is a person who willingly gives time, without compensation, to work in a school in support of students, office staff, teachers, and administrators. A school volunteer is a person who is willing to work under the direction of an administrator, staff member, or teacher to enhance and enrich the learning experience of our students. A school volunteer is a parent, family member, senior citizen, or community partner who chooses to donate time to support some aspect of the school experience. If you believe you can fit into this role, then please consider applying to become a school volunteer.
People who would like to volunteer must apply, be screened, and complete an orientation, that includes school guidelines and safety protocols, at the school. Paid and volunteer coaches do not fall under these guidelines and are screened by the Department of Human Resources.

When should I apply?

1. You must apply annually.
2. If you intend to volunteer multiple times in a school year, it is recommended that you apply during the summer after August 1, but at least two weeks prior to the start of the school year.
3. Field trips: It is imperative that you complete your volunteer application at least 48 hours prior to the field trip date if you have not yet been approved as a volunteer, and you want to accompany your child on a field trip. Pay attention to the date of the trip.
4. Applications submitted not within the 48 hours of a field trip departure will not be processed.


1. Read the HCPS regulations in this packet regarding volunteer guidelines, information technology, and acceptable use of technology and software on HCPS computers.
2. Complete the volunteer application available at the school or on the HCPS website at
3. Turn in the completed application to the school where you want to volunteer.
Screening Process
1. The volunteer program operates under the management and supervision of the principal. All volunteers serve at the discretion of the principal.
2. The volunteer coordinator at the school receives and processes all applications. The volunteer coordinator uses the Visitor Management System to screen all applicants.
3. Volunteers are not to serve in the school until they have been screened and approved by the principal.
4. If the screening or information disqualifies a volunteer, the principal will notify the applicant.


1. Follow school and HCPS procedures regarding the Visitor Management System, signing in and out, wearing badges, using school materials, and maintaining health/security standards.
2. Follow the direction of the Volunteer Coordinator at the school where you would like to serve. He or she will make sure that you are acquainted with the school, classroom, pertinent school policies, and emergency procedures.
3. Read and keep a copy of these guidelines. Please follow them for reasons of safety, protection, and uniformity.
4. Review the Code of Student Conduct. Please understand that the supervising teacher should take necessary disciplinary action with a student—not the volunteer.
5. Dress appropriately for the activity, event, or trip.
6. Volunteers working with Virginia High School League (VHSL) activities must follow VHSL rules and regulations.
7. Chaperones will receive orientation before an event or trip.


1. After the approved applicant has successfully completed orientation, then he or she may volunteer.
2. School administrators determine where volunteers are needed and how many should be assigned to each task to include chaperoning field trips.
3. Volunteers should keep in mind that there may be more volunteers who apply for a particular position than are actually needed, so volunteers should be prepared to be offered alternate opportunities. HCPS personnel will work diligently to match volunteers with volunteer opportunities.
4. If a volunteer believes that he or she is not a good fit for the assignment, he or she should bring concerns to the volunteer coordinator and request an alternate assignment. Every effort will be made to ensure the volunteer opportunity is a good experience for both the volunteer and the staff member who is being assisted by the volunteer.
Questions or concerns regarding the HCPS Volunteer Program should be directed to Dr. Gwen Miller in School Safety and Emergency Management at or (804) 652- 3823.

(see Volunteer Guidelines PDF for more info)

Volunteer Application Form PDF